“What if?” - the philosophy that we go by here at TS Tools. From hanging a shelf in the perfect position to designing and creating the set for a fashion show, we deliver the same high standard in everything we do. Remember, big job or small, anything is possible!

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Handyman, Set design, Mechanical Engineer!

Handyman Service:

Ever had a job you didn’t have the time or the tools for, or maybe there is a task you just don’t fancy doing yourself? That’s where TS Tools can help. From putting up a picture to redesigning entire rooms, we have the skills, tools, and experience to achieve your goals.


Set and Window display design and Build:

We have built sets for shops in Mayfair, with our work on photo shoots, productions even staging featured in London Fashion Week!



Our out of the box thinking has allowed us to create some truly amazing bespoke solutions in all sorts of sectors. Our stylish and creative solutions have featured all around the UK, including a prestigious project at Buckingham Palace!

Just a taster...

The room was bare without flooring, magnolia walls without curtains... nothing. The client wanted a modern, practical room with lots of storage - something comfortable to live in but not cramped. It was essential that all the work was carried out on a strict budget.


Our solution? We raised the sleeping area with wardrobe and draws, creating an incredible amount of storage underneath the false floor. We utilized reclaimed scaffold planks, turning them into shelves and carpeting the remaining exposed floor with a stylish deep pile. The decor was brought up to date with a stone white and a banana yellow to really spread the light and give a warm feel, blending the red, yellow and natural wood tones.

This fantastic project was used for London Fashion Week, 2017. The scene consisted of a London street with a light up controllable zebra crossing and amber lights. Remarkably, the set up was created in a cellar, meaning everything was built and configured to be easily moved around very tight corners, whilst still looking like a permanent fixture.

Small spare Room

Study or spare bedroom?

Why not have both.

Cellar Garden

Can you make an indoor garden with stream and bridge?

Yes of course!

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